Benefit from Total Convenience with Free Car Hire

Any driver reliant on their vehicle for work, family commitments, and day to day chores will experience inconvenience if and when their car is in for repairs for a period of time. Whilst some repairs on vehicles can be carried out quickly, without causing too much disruption, others may take longer, depending on the extent of damage and parts required. It is when vehicles are off the road for longer, problems can arise.


Other forms of transport can be costly and inconvenient.  Fortunately, you can avoid disruption and inconvenience at Noosaville Smash Repairs.


As an insurance-approved repairer, we can arrange free car hire through a reputable company for the duration of the repair time. This service applies to, ‘not at fault’ insurance claims.



To speak to a member of our team about this free car hire service, you can call on