Expert plastic welding, repairing and restoration services for Your Vehicle

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Vehicles are made up of many different components and materials, which include a large amount of plastics, including headlights, taillights, grilles, bumpers, the list is huge.


Plastic parts and components can be found on the exterior and interior of all vehicles. Like all other components they can be damaged in a collision, or wear out and fade due to age and condition.


Plastic components and parts on your vehicle can suffer problems such as splits, cracks and other types of damage requiring repairs.

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At Noosaville Smash Repairs, we have a fully qualified team of experts able to deal with all types of plastic welding and repairs. Repairing, rather than replacing plastic parts, can save considerable amounts of money. There are many products used to repair plastics. We only use and recommend top quality products to ensure the job is completed to satisfaction.


Many headlights fade, or appear clouded as the vehicle ages. Grey or black plastic bumpers, trims & body mouldings may also fade. These problems can be rectified using a method developed by our team saving huge replacement costs.


Our team can tackle all other aspects of plastic repairs, including motorcycle and scooter fairings, household and marine items, even surf boards, jet skis and kayaks.

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