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  • One common problem affecting vehicles as they age is rust. Living in a coastal area, vehicles are prone to rust.If your vehicle develops excessive amounts of rust, it could lead to damage and excessive wear on vital body fittings, chassis and mechanical components.
  • This could increase the risk of accidents due to an unsafe vehicle.
  • Having your vehicle regularly inspected for rust by a professional could avoid expensive future repairs.
  • Most owners need their vehicles to last a long time. Regular inspections and minor repairs can enhance the appearance and increase the life of your vehicle considerably.
  • To further prolong the life of your vehicle, it can be fitted with an electronic rust prevention device supplied by a reputable company
  • Many people purchase used vehicles of all makes and age with rust problems undetected. Why not use our rust inspection service to ensure you buy a safe and roadworthy vehicle.
Some of the key reasons to have rust inspections carried out include:

  • Avoid further damage and expense: Rust can often go unnoticed on more obscure areas of vehicles, and when it is left to fester it can lead to other types of damage. By having your car inspected regularly for rust you can reduce the chances of further damage and save money on future repairs.
  • Enhance your own safety: Depending on the type of damage that occurs as a result of a rust problem that has not been addressed, you could be compromising your own safety while in the vehicle. Having regular rust inspections will help to reduce the risk of accidents occurring from damage that results from rust issues.
  • Increasing the longevity of your vehicle: Rust can be a nightmare when it comes to adversely affecting the condition of your vehicle, not just in terms of appearance but also longevity. Regular inspections will help to ensure that your vehicle stays in good condition for longer.


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Remember the old song by Neil Young? -Rust never sleeps
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